Health and hygiene are a major concern in today’s world, especially with the covid-19 pandemic. Every individual has a desire to stay and keep their families and loved ones safe and unharmed. Henceforth, the focus on hygiene is of prime importance.

Also, it is essential to make children understand the concept of hygiene and its importance. Furthermore, hygiene will help them stay healthy and feel good about themselves. It will help boost their self-esteem and confidence. Certain basics to teach your child are Food hygiene, Hand hygiene, Body hygiene, Health hygiene, Oral hygiene, and Hygiene at home.

The most effective way to make them understand the importance and necessity of hygiene is to perform certain activities and small tasks with them, and most importantly, maintain the habits you want your child to learn. Set an example for them. They are not going to learn the concept of hygiene overnight. This will take time. Be patient with them, do not give up. It will be worth it. Your child will shine bright and will be the best of themselves.

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