After School

After School

We offer opportunities for young ones to enhance their language skills, writing, reading skills, skilfully created activities and support to complete homework given by the school. We give them opportunities to explore, learn and develop knowledge.

Day Care And After School

The DAY CARE Program has been designed carefully for kids from the age of 18 months + Program includes Pre-school and Post-school learning is a process that occurs throughout the day.

Thus the kids need to be engaged is meaningful, Joyful and Playful experiences and constructively engaged and involved in different exploration before returning to their home.

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Play Group & Pre School

19-30 MONTHS

We understand when they receive undivided attention and right stimulation, kids grow and learn the most at this time kids start interacting and exploring socially. This enables our kids to achieve overall growth and development, they need to be given exposure to sensory materials and activities for their holistic development our trained staff support kids to develop necessary skills in a safe, healthy, nurturing environment to seamlessly learn and grow.


31-42 MONTHS

We assure that our engaging, interactive and inclusive learning environment developed and prepared our kids for everything they are going to encounter in the school. e.g. Reading, Writing, looking after their bodily needs, their belongings, communicating paying attention, making friends, eating on their own etc.

Best Features for Kids

It is considered that the base design of the school has a major impact on the students’ attitudes, performance, and learning.