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    Preschool Admission FAQs for Parents

    Q. What benefit child will get from going to a preschool and when should it start?
    Ans. A quality preschool will provide your child with an interactive environment which help with their physical, mental, social, emotional, cognitive and holistic development.

    Q. Typically, what is the educational philosophy followed by preschool?
    Ans. It is important to know what philosophy preschool follows. For example, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf. Some follow play-way or some are based on experience of the teacher who runs the centre.

    Q. What experience teachers & staff have?
    Ans. A good preschool will have teachers who have done early childhood education from reputed colleges. They should have complete knowledge of a child’s developmental stages and should also be caring and warm towards children.

    Q. Are meals & snacks provided at preschool?
    Ans. Some preschools provide snacks for children while there are many who do not. You can choose a preschool based on your requirement, nutrition value and service provided.

    Q. If child get sick during school hours & needs medication?
    Ans. It’s recommended for preschools to have a first aid kit with basic medicines for children well stocked. Plan for immediately informing parents, in case of illness. Preschool should also maintain children’s allergies chart and illnesses, if any.
    Q. Is potty training needed before joining preschool?
    Ans. Potty training is not a must for preschool. Every Child is unique & they may take their own time becoming potty trained and preschool can also help in the process of them becoming more independent and potty trained.
    Q. What are the safety measures followed to ensure safety of child inside premises?
    Ans. There should be appropriate security measures like a guard at entrance of day care, gate height not accessible to child, visitors should not be allowed without permission and handover of child should only be given to registered guardians.
    Q. How much parental involvement does preschool want?
    Ans. You need to be aware whether preschool requires parent involvement only when it comes to parent teacher meetings or if they have interactive activities for children and parents together.
    Q. Is there emphasize given to converse in a particular language with child?
    Ans. Some preschools only converse in English and some encourage children to speak in their mother tongue. You should know first language used in preschool to interact with children to make an informed decision.
    Q. How much time will child get for outdoor/indoor play?
    Ans. Every preschool has a different approach to free play. Some may be more academically inclined and others have more free play. Choose a preschool which fits your child rearing philosophy.