Humans have been cruel to each other for thousands of years. Unkindness is nothing new, but today, the ease, speed, and anonymity with which people pass judgments and criticisms on others is unmatched.  The availability of the internet and social networking to kids also raises concern about what they learn from these platforms. Children lack the ability to see the bigger picture and differentiate between the right and wrong, and they do not realise the effects of their behaviors. That is, they aren’t able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Henceforth, it is essential to teach your kids the concept of kindness.

Parents can encourage their kids to be more thoughtful and kinder towards others. Here are certain tips to help you. Educate them to use kind words, smiles, and gestures, educate them about bullying and cyberbullying, be nice to your children, give them the concept of what goes around comes around, tell them kindness is contagious, and teach them to understand other people’s feelings and problems.

It is very important to follow the concepts and lessons you give your children, because they pick up not what you tell them but what you do yourself. Be nice and kind to everyone if you want your kids to be nice and kind to others.

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