Habits shape an individual’s personality for better or worse, and the promptest time to embed good habits is during a person’s childhood. Since a child can be moulded very easily into a better person than a grown-up, it is very important to teach them good habits. Also, old habits die hard. The habits you teach your child today at an early stage tend to stay longer than the ones you teach an adult. Habits are for life and that is why the habits learned during childhood are really important in a person’s life. Some habits to teach your child are:

Children look up to their parents as their role models. This implies that parents advise them on good habits but also set good examples for their children. Correct them for their bad behaviour and help them differentiate between good and bad habits. Give them small-small lessons, give them small tasks, and activities for better understanding and learning, and be nice and patient with them. There are loads of good habits to teach them. Go slow and steady with them.

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