Play schools are the foundation of a kid’s school life. Nowadays, generally both parents are working, which makes it challenging for the parents to be available all the time and look after the children’s learning and teach them, which eventually makes the child disoriented, depressed, frustrated, sad, and lonely.

For the past few years, we have encountered terms like child psychology and psychologists. The main reason for the rise in the number of children’s psychologists is believed to be a lack of communication and understanding between the mentor and the child.

These factors affect the child’s overall growth. A good play school helps eliminate these problems and ensure the proper and overall growth of the child. A play school is not a 6-7hour long school where you learn various subjects with loads of homework. It prepares the child for their entry into formal school. Play school helps them to develop good habits for a lifetime. They learn to follow instructions and routine that develops time management skills in them. A good play school helps children develop social skills and ensures that your child feels comfortable in the presence of other children. A good play school ensures fun and game-based learning.

A good play school aims to develop confidence and independence in your child by teaching them certain things to do for themselves, like going to the toilet or table manners.

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